Alicia Storin

Collaborative Cellist

 Christal Wagner | Alicia Storin | Emma Koi 

Christal Wagner | Alicia Storin | Emma Koi 

Founded in 2012, Cadance Collective is a multi-disciplinary ensemble which works to draw on the unique skills of all of its performers to create collaborative performance pieces using innovative musical scores and original choreography.

Cadance Collective creates an interface where dance informs music and music informs dance. This ensemble treats music composition and dance choreography as common tools in creating original performance pieces. After training the highest levels as both a classical flutist and modern dancer, founder Emma Koi saw an opportunity for artists of many disciplines to collaborate in the artistic process. With dancer Christal Wagner and cellist Alicia Storin, the Milwaukee-based Collective has performed at MKE Follies, as part of Danceworks, Inc.'s "Arts Intersect" series, and has presented a full show at the Cedarburg Cultural Center.

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Cadance Collective presents their original work, "aWay," inspired by Sacred Harp singing.

Performed February, 2014 at Danceworks, Inc., Milwaukee Wisconsin. Cadance Collective is: Christal Wagner, dance/choreography/voice; Emma Koi, flute/dance/voice; Alicia Storin, cello; with Edward Winslow, lighting


Please enjoy this performance of "Um, ok…now let's move on," a completely original work by Cadance Collective.

Choreography: Christal Wagner Music: Emma Koi, Flute; Alicia Storin, Cello Dancers: Melissa Anderson, Christal Wagner Video: Keith Knox November 15-22, 2013 Danceworks, Inc: INTERSECT Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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