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Cadance Collective - "Egress"

"A fascinating piece by Danceworks company member Christal Wagner and her musician partners in the three-woman Cadance Collective followed on opening night. Flautist Emma Koi and cellist Alicia Storin improvised darkly against an uncanny film of Wagner alternately dancing and drowning. Cut to Wagner live onstage as if struggling to escape or embrace the dream."
-John Schneider, The Shepherd Express 

"An Iliad" - American Players Theater

"Diffident at first, Mr. DeVita soon submits to the overpowering grip of his obsession, pulling on a bottle of Jameson at odd intervals and egged on by the mysterious presence of an onstage cellist who serves as his muse (Alicia Storin, who plays Josh Schmidt’s incidental music with cool virtuosity)."

-Terry Teachout, The Wall Street Journal

Cadance Collective - "Um, ok, now let's move on"

"Flutist Emma Koi and cellist Alicia Storin were more than just polished performers of engaging original music.  Seated prominently on the stage, they were part of the movement palette of the piece, from the child's game that opened the piece to a bit in which Koi abandoned the flute for a delightful humorous turn in the spotlight."                                                                          

-Elaine Schmidt, Special to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Cadance Collective - "Jitterbug Suite: A Memory"

"Cadance Collective’s inviting “Jitterbug Suite: A Memory” blended fragments of audio interviews with seniors recounting memories of romance and wartime anxiety in 1940s Milwaukee with beautiful arrangements by flutist Emma Koi and cellist Alicia Storin of “Cheek To Cheek,” “April in Paris” and other treasures, while Christal Wagner danced, sang, tore and struggled to piece together what might have been letters, musical scores or diary pages."
-John Schneider, Shepherd Express

"An Iliad" - Milwaukee Repertory Theater

"DeVita's translation is augmented by Josh Schmidt's wrenchingly moving score and cellist Alicia Storin's ghostly presence as the Poet's muse;…she abets and further dramatizes his story.  When the Poet rages, Storin's cello soothes; when he despairs, she and her instrument sorrow - for him, and for us."                        

-Mike Fischer, Special to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
"Cellist Alicia Storin appears miraculously, aglow in a cloud of heavenly light…Storin sometimes accompanies the tale, in the way of film music.  Sometimes she comments on the action or converses and even scolds the poet by means on ingenious "talking" cello passages.  This production is unthinkable without Josh Schmidt's music and Storin's spot-on playing."
-Tom Strini,
"DeVita is alone on stage, and Storin is alone on a wall.  He has a bottle of tequila.  She has a cello.  He is frantic.  She is serene.  She looks at him.  He gestures to her.  They are a theatrically spectacular couple, bound not by love or sex, but by an urgency to get something important out of the shadows and into the light."                                                                                                     
-Dave Begel,


Wedding - cello duo with colleague Kristian Ring

"Thank you for making our special day so perfect! From beginning to end, including all of our prior correspondence, I am so pleased with our experience. Words cannot describe a dream come true and you both were fantastic!"         -Caity S.
"Alicia was one of the most professional and business-minded people I worked with in my wedding planning! She made planning the music for my wedding ceremony and reception seamless; she came prepared to our meeting with lists of songs she recommended based on processional/ceremony/recessional and custom-tailored her recommendations based on my musical tastes. Whenever I had questions Alicia answered them immediately – giving me peace of mind that I was working with someone who was readily accessible and extremely customer-service oriented. On the day of my wedding I didn’t need to think twice about the proper execution of my musical requests because Alicia had already proved her professionalism to me in the planning process. The moment I heard my processional music playing (right before I walked down the aisle) my heart was warmed and to this day her music playing in that moment is forever etched in my memory! My guests commented it was the most beautiful music they had heard at a wedding and I would highly recommend anyone to hire Alicia to coordinate their event’s music. You won’t regret it!"      
-Alyson M. 

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